What software development?

Software development is a field of study that deals with the systematic design, program, test and maintain software. Software development is typically done by people who are trained in computer science with a master's degree or Ph.D.


Why software development?

If you as an organization will differentiate itself from its competitors it may be necessary to develop its software, and this should be done today with a strong focus on application security, and you should have decided the safety level should be lived up to.


How to develop secure software?

This can be done by placing great demands on your developers, and their knowledge with application security. This can also solve by having good and competent developers with the right tools, which enables them to develop software with focus on safety, by investing in code analysis tools.

What if?

What if I have a development project launched?

It's never too late to think safety into your software, this can be implemented at any one time, but it's smarter to do this as early in the process as possible as it gives developing team time to focus on the functionality.

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