Why have focus on IT Security?

As Politikken writes in this article, then almost every 4th Danish company have been exposed to hacking, the question is just, have yours? and was it discovered?

Why would they attack my business?

This is the wrong question to ask, since it is not necessarily your data that hackers are interested in, but it can be a matter of just doing it because they can.

Why should my company think of IT Security?

It should be your business because it is easy for all types of people to get access to tools / programs to hack with, see this Google search (6.900.00 hits) after hacking tools, and then there is this Google search (396.000 hits) after hacking distributions.

Why Arama Consult? We have a great knowledge of IT Security.


What is hacking?

Hacking is covered by the Penal Code ยง 263, in Danish law, and is when someone unlawfully obtains access to others' IT systems, social profiles including mail accounts and programs. The person who procures unauthorized access, can either delete, modify, or copy data or simply familiarize themselves with the information. Source.

What can an attack be?

SQL-Injections, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Security Misconfiguration, Sensitive Data Exposuren, Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF).

The above attack is a selection from OWASP Top Ten 2013, this list of most popular attacks worldwide against Web-based solutions, but many of these attacks can also be used against "traditional" client / server solutions.

What can you do? You can have a partnership with people who know what can be done to stop the attack on your business, here are Arama Consult a good bet.


How can you be sure?

Your business should clarify how security it is now, it is better to know how it looks before something happens than to first find out when it's too late.

How can I be sure?

There are many ways to protect yourselves against attacks, the best known is a traditional Firewall, but this alone is not enough, this does not ensure your application, this "only" protects your network. Then there IPS / IDS, this can partly ensure your application, but it's still not enough.

The best security is a combination of many programs that work together to ensure your systems and your data, but as a rule it is always a good idea to quality ensure the programs used by the company, that way it can focus its efforts to close the gaps that are most obvious.

How can you get secure? You can start by taking a chat with us, we can always find the solution that fits your business.

What if?

What if we are allready hacked?

Then it is a question about closing the vulnerability as fast as possible, and it can only be to slow, and then it is importent to close the vulnerability so it can never happen again.

What if it's an application we bought?

Then it is a question about closing the vulnerability as fast as possible, and it can only be to slow, and then it is important to contact the vendor who supplied the product and get them to close the hole in the product.

What if the supplier does not exist anymore?

If this is the case then it is important to implement more security around this application so it can not be hacked again.

What if we have already been hacked? Then it is a question about containing the problem, we can also help with that, as we have consultants specializing in this.



Why Arama Consult?

  • Great experince with Dynamic Scanning of Web based Applications;
  • Great experince with Static Scanning ao source code;
  • Process handling;
  • Standards;
  • Network security;
  • Application security;
  • Server security;
  • Firewalls;
  • Web Application Firewalls (WAF);
  • IPS / IDS;

What can Arama Consult?

  • Counseling;
  • Implementation;
  • Process description;
  • Risk Analysis;
  • Education;
  • Dynamic Scanning;
  • Static Scanning;
  • Application Security;
  • Development of Security Policies.