Arama Consult is a company that focuses on helping its customers to get a better and broader understanding within IT Security.

We can look at many of our customers, and see that they do not have the necessary knowledge to be able to live up to the standards that are today in IT Security.

Cooperation with us

We have among others consultants who carried out tasks for large Danish and foreign companies, we have as one of the only companies in the Nordic countries, access to consultants who have a Fortify Subcontractor certificate, this means that we can offer support, setup and instructions on a most of HP Enterprice Security suite.

HP Enterprice Security. Arama Consult, through close cooperation with Aramatech ApS. have the ability to sell licenses for all products under HP Enterprice Security product suite.

Why Arama Consult

Arama Consult has many years of experience in both Dynamic / Static scanning, risk evaluation, Network security, education of users, Development and Project Management.

Among others we have also great experience in testing web based applications, we have experience with some of the leading open source and commercial products.

Why Arama Consult?

  • Your needs are the focus;
  • Great experience with IT Security solutions;
  • When it suits you;

Hackers only need to be right once! But we need to be right every time.