Why have a project manager?

Project management is responsible, role and task of planning, organizing and managing an allocated amount of resources toward a defined goal and purpose.


What is a project manager?

As a field of study draws on project management elements of both management and leadership. It lies in projects of that they create change, why project management usually also will be closely related to change management and communication. As with management there are also project management uncertainty about whether it is necessary to have expertise on the technical / professional area one (project) leader.


How is the project management done?

There are many definitions of a project; but usually defined projects as directed against a defined objective and time-limited, with limited budget and limited quantities of resource effort (people, money, etc.). In often mentioned that projects are unique (as opposed to running, where you've tried before), complex and requiring many skills and are often cross-organizational cooperation. Whatever the definition, projects a choice. A choice to make a special forethought and planning efforts to solve the given challenge. Consideration, and planning efforts are reflected in a number of disciplines, which together form the art project.

What if?

What if I have a project running?

It's never too late to get a project leader over his project, and this is always a good idea, otherwise the project may derail, and thus end up not getting anything.

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