What is E-Mail Security?

E-Mail Security have become more and more important, as there are currently many attacks that target this service.

Everyone today knows the concept of Spam, but it is not all that are familiar with the concept of Phishing, this is to get the recipient to click on a link, and then give up sensitive data.

E-Mail Security should now be able to detect Spam, Phishing, Viruses and other forms of attack, this means that the mail server have to check all incoming mail against an RBL / DNSBL service and scan for viruses, among others.


Why is E-Mail Security necessary?

E-Mail security is now required in order to avoid loss of data which never should have been lost.

One of the attack methods among others are seen through document attachments as PDF documents with malicious code that can encrypt data on all the drives associated with that user's PC, and then demand a ransom to unlock the data that has been encrypted.

Another good reason is Phishing, this aims to get the user to give up sensitive data to 3rd party, then the 3rd party can use this to steal data or worse.



How does E-Mail Security work?

There are many ways to implement E-Mail Security, one of them is by checking all incoming E-Mails against one or more RBL / DNSBL.

Today, it is necessary to check all incoming E-Mails for many different attack types, and today the market have many different solutions to this, but common to them all is to protect the receiver of the E-Mail. It is not uncommon to  for an E-mail server perform many scans and lookups in different databases of known spammers and Phishing addresses, for in this way to ensure that the received E-mail is legitimate and should end in the recipient's in box .


Who should use E-Mail Security?

All companies who use E-mail to communicate should use E-Mail Security.

All companies should on one way or another secure its E-mail, this is done by having a dedicated server or service for this, the main thing is that actively something is done, and that the company's employees are aware that they do not always have to rely on the Emails that lands in their in box. Hackers are constantly finding new ways to exploit vulnerabilities.

A dedicated E-Mail scanning solution is usually the best solution, rather than, for example, only adding RBL / DNSBL to the existing E-Mail server.

Today there are many E-mail scanning solutions available, but common to them all is to secure E-Mail communications, and this helps the company's to protect themselves from Data loss, and this could mean that the company has a dedicated E-Mail scanning solution installed, or whether they choose a service solution that is entirely up to the individual company.

Here is a list of various dedicated E-Mail a scanning solutions: