What is Application Security?

Application Security is several things. For a web-based application it could be dynamic, static scanning and access control to name just a few, but it's always a good idea to have as many layers as possible as this can help to prevent any data loss.


Why Application Security?

In today's world it is necessary to think about Application Security to protect the Data that is important to any company.

Application Security should always be documented from the development phase to the final version in production, only in this way can a high level of security be in place.




How to obtain Application Security?

Application Security can be achieved in many different ways, but the most used for web-based applications are static and dynamic scanning solutions.

Any supplier of applications should have static scanning done on all their products, as this can be used as documentation for the end customer that the software they buy is coded with security as a high priority.


What if?

What if Application Security?

It's never too late to think of Application Security, as this should always be in focus, the more secure the applications that are used in the company on a daily basis is the better.

There is always a reason to think of Application Security, because the entire company livelihood could be at stake, or if it's just corporate reputation, so it can all be measured on the bottom line, and in most cases it will be expensive to rectify the vulnerability than it would have been to find and fix it at the beginning.


Arama Consult recommends all its customers to demand more of their software supplier whether the application is self-developed or provided by 3rd party, there should always be evidence of the software's security level, as it is ultimately the customer's business being compromised if it should turn out that there are vulnerabilities in the application.